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Tips for urban survival

  • Dress like you could be a customer.
  • Walk like you should be there.
  • Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the buffet “civilisation” has laid out (thrown out!) for you. Relish the treats.
  • Take what you need. Leave the rest for the next forager.
  • Take pleasure in your role in reducing landfill and food miles.
  • Maintain your own sense of innocense and goodness so that you give it off like a protective aura and can waltz past security guards.

This is meant to be lighthearted. I appreciate that it is easier for me, young, white, in London, with a healthy immune system and no dependents to live off what I can forage. I’m not proposing this as the ultimate political act that will break down capitalim, its just something that makes me feel free and allows me to occasionally escape needing to work really long hours to survive.

  • Always carry a knife to cut out the icky bits of the fruit left behind after street markets close.
  • Self service restaurants that don’t have enough/motivated staff to clear the tables promptly are a wonderful source of chips left on people’s plates.
  • “Free refills” are your friends. Look for cups left behind my previous customers and carry with you some cleansing wipes if you’re queamish
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