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On my bus home yesterday

This was something that made me happy:

Someone raced across the road and hared down the pavement towards the bus stop, arms desperately waving at the bus as she ran. And the driver … stopped. And waited for her. And then drove on.

And a few days before on one of those new bendy buses where you have to buy the ticket before you board at the bus stop, a very stressed woman with very little English tried to pay the driver as the bus was already moving on. So he gently explained, pulled over at the next stop, showed her how to use the machine, waited til she had the ticket, and then carried on. (Yeah, he could have just let her stay on without paying, but I think that would have been even more confusing for her at the time)
Both of which probably annoyed the passengers that were in a hurry, but I really appreciated the humanity and empathy of the drivers. Little things please little minds!

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