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We stood by.

While over 1000 Lebanese people were killed.
While over 50 Israeli civilians were killed.
While homes and livelihoods and infrastructure required for survival were destroyed.
While children were traumatised for the rest of their lives.
While hopes of a just, peaceful future for unborn Israelis, Lebanese and Palestinian babies were destroyed.

We stood by. We marched from A to B as we were expected to. We wrote letters to newspapers and politicians. Some of us went to meetings, held vigils and fasts.
We felt upset, angry, frustrated.
But actually, what did we do about it? What will we do next time?

What could we have done?

Would it have made a difference if 60 milion UK residents had stopped working? Stopped the country from continuing business as usual?

Had we gone, every one of us to the region? Or would we have been massacred like Rachel and Tom were?

How about if instead of just 100 brave souls we had all gone to the airports and military bases that were refueling American planes delivering weapons to Israel?

Or destroyed Israeli merchandise in the supermarkets? Or would that have just further united the swithering Israeli population behind its crazy government as they beheld the “truth” that Europe (including those of us they like to call “Self hating Jews”) has returned to Nazism?

Or stopped the workings of government, until it stopped condoning, supporting the Israeli state terror?

Protesters plan to blockade Foreign Office over Lebanon

Mid-East peace is inseparable from justice – letter signed by 20 Jews living in Scotland.

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