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No Mr Cameron. It is inequality and injustice that is wrecking communities

“Immigration is wrecking communities” according to Etonian David Cameron who leads of a UK cabinet of whom 2/3 are millionaires.   He claims that it is a large influx of migrants that is placing stress on schools, housing and healthcare, attempting to divert blame from Government policies of privatisation and cuts.   But it is inequality and injustice that is actually wrecking communities

But why do people migrate? Personally a main reason that I moved from London to Glasgow was for a sustainable quality of life. In Scotland I was given a bursary of £6500 a year to do my nursing degree, and I found a flat I could afford to rent as there is still social housing up here. In London I would have had to take out a loan and been at the mercy of private landlords. Instead of being able to stay in the same home for 8 years, as I have in Glasgow, in London I had to move house every year or so due to the short, market driven lets of the private sector. In Glasgow I have been able to put down roots in a community. Mr Cameron – affordable rents and assured tenancies with mixed housing creates communities. Refusing to invest in social housing as you are doing is wrecking them. Economic inequality and war forces people to uproot themselves from their homes and communities in pursuit of a future for themselves and their families. Ending wars and committing yourself to global justice and redistribution will reduce immigration.

And what is this indigenous UK population and culture? Christianity, born in the Middle East and imported to UK by Italians? A language rich because of its diversity and heterogeneity? Our food, music, medicine, mathematics and I could go on are all from outwith our shores. Our genetics are from millennia of waves of migration such as the Celts, Romans, Vikings, Norman French, Jews, Irish and I could go on. There is no “indigenous” white population. The ancestors of everyone on this island came here from somewhere else. And our culture reflects that. All communities are here because of migration, and those communities that Cameron chooses to scapegoat are equally a part of UK.

It is income inequality that has been found to be most damaging to community cohesion.  Income inequality, amongst many other damaging outcomes, leads to mistrust, fear and violence.  Mr Cameron, it is your policies on increasing the burden of taxation on the poor, while lifting it from the wealthy that is wrecking communities, because these increase inequality, concentrating yet more wealth into the hands of a minority.

There are some positives though. In Maryhill, the area of Glasgow that I live in, increasing numbers of residents (approximately 40 so far) have been organising ourselves in the past couple of months to defend against the Government’s cuts. Yesterday 18 of us met in the Free Hetherington, an ongoing anticuts student occupation, and brainstormed a massive list of services in our local area. We’ve started to approach each of them to ask if they are threatened by the cuts so that we can build up a clear picture and campaign to defend them. We also drew up a list of potential allies that we can network and organise with. And I can’t see that this renewed energy and community cohesion will vanish, no matter what the outcome.

  1. April 15, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Whoah, beautiful post. :) x

  2. Jon_from_Shef
    April 18, 2011 at 5:55 am

    Have you come across The Great Unrest. It’s here, if I got the tecchy stuff right:

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