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Matzo Pizza!

Been craving Italian food all week, but its passover, so for 8 days I’m not eating any grains except in the form of matzoh to celebrate the story that thousands of years ago my ancestors chose shitty bread and freedom rather than comfort and servility.  And that means no tomatoey, cheesey, herby goodness on a tasty dough base. :(

But last night I had a personal Eureka!  I can make pizza out of matzos!

I soaked a few sheets of broken up matzoh in water (I know that not all Jews would consider that allowed.

Paolo made some pizza sauce out of tomato paste, garlic, bit of water and olive oil.

Spread olive oil on to an oven dish and pressed the soaked matzos down onto it.  I baked it for 10 mins to dry it out a bit, and then spread the tomato sauce on.  Put a layer of cheese, some chopped onions, mushrooms and sweetcorn (sadly didn’t have olives or bell peppers in the flat) and sprinkled some herbs on top.

After a while longer in the oven it was all smelling in that special melted cheese, herbs and tomato pizza way.

Om Nom Nom!

I’d soaked the matzoh for too long, so the base was a big damp still.  Am going to try again this evening but just to a sort of dough consistency.  Apart from that I was very pleased with the result and it definitely improved my pesach, while the whole exercise emphasised how this week isn’t a normal time when I could have just eaten dough.

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