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Nasty regime kills Bin Laden, a leader of another nasty regime and attempts to kill Gadaffi. At least they’re targeting each other for once, and not us!

Apparently its illegal for a country to kill the leader of another country.  Funny how the folks that make the rules have decided that!

I’m not celebrating that Bin Laden is reported to have been killed yesterday, but I’m not mourning either.  He advocated targeting of civilians and the regime that he is associated with has caused horrific bloodshed and destruction of lives.  I can never comprehend, no matter how hard I try, why civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan are targeted by Al Qaeda associated killers.  I can just about comprehend the wrongheaded logic of attacking civilians here in the West, but only because it follows the pattern of so many other global leaders.

While they protect themselves with international laws criminalising their assassination, leaders around the world consider the ordinary people living under a regime as justifiable targets.  Its what unites the Al Qaeda leadership and the USA/UK Government.  Its what unites the nastier (thankfully minority) element of the Palestinian movement with its targeting of Israeli civilians, with the Israeli Government who has decided “to reduce Hamas’ popularity among Gazans by creating economic hardship in the Strip” and used indiscriminate weapons including white phosphorous resulting in huge suffering to civilians during Operation Cast Lead, just two of the many morally repugnant examples I could have used.

No, I don’t celebrate when anyone is killed.  Not even someone who has caused mass suffering.  But I’m not mourning Bin Laden, any more than I’ll mourn when Bush, Blair, Thatcher, Netanyahu, Deif or any others who consider it acceptable to terrorise ordinary people.

Predictably the news is now filled with celebratory pictures and articles.  But nothing has changed.  The NHS budget has been cut by 37%, as announced on Friday – oh did you miss the media coverage on that one? :/ And neighbourhoods around the country organise and defend themselves from neoliberal attack.  Our job, as people who stand up for ourselves and our communities remains the same – to build up communication, trust, friendship and solidarity so that we can successfully challenge oppression in both our own countries and support those living in other countries in doing the same.

The killing of Bin Laden will not end the war between empires that is destroying millions of lives.  That’s our job!

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