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On the agreement to close the Free Hetherington

FreeHetherington voted to accept management’s offer to us
1. No more course cuts.
2. No compulsory redundancies.
3. A new postgraduate club, to be opened in the next year.
4. No cuts for student services, a guarantee of transparency with the SRC (Student Representative Council).
5. A public meeting with the principal Anton Muscatelli, where students and staff may address their worries.
6. No repercussions from the University for staff or students involved in the occupation.
7. An assurance that no information will be volunteered to the police about people involved.
My thoughts :
While what we have achieved here is fantastic, and while we have shown what direct action can achieve by forcing senior management to concede to negotiate with us, the communities in Dumfries and Galloway are still facing losing their only higher education humanities facility. The Crichton Campus liberal arts degree consultation was a sham and I am sad that we didn’t manage to at least open an inquiry into the illegitimacy of the process and the decision it resulted in. However without the entire anticuts movement at Glasgow Uni, which we at the Free Hetherington are but a part, more would have been cut by a destructive minority within the university intent on wrecking democracy and accessibility in academia.

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