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The coalition is chipping away at our relationship with the NHS

An article in the Guardian today describes how cuts to the NHS budget are pushing some patients to go private for operations. I think this is the government playing an intelligent long game in their goal of reducing the redistributive function of a social democratic state, in much the same way as when they were moving child allowance from being a universal benefit.

When all socio-economic classes benefit from the public sector, this gives political protection to state provision.*  This meant that even Margaret Thatcher could not dismantle the NHS. However when more and more of the middle classes are not receiving child allowance, or using private healthcare, there is less attachment and association with these social democratic functions, and a neoliberal government can attack them without the same fear of political repercussions.

* I’m an anarchist and want to do away with the state, however whilst we are still forced to live under an unequal, capitalist regime, reforms that soften its harshness should be defended.

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