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Shabbat shalom

My grandmother's candlesticks, with my Friday night candles.

My grandmother's candlesticks, with my Friday night candles.

This evening was a close run thing. Having to get some bits and bobs in town today I was racing the sun* to get home before sunset in order to light my weekly Friday night candles, in the candlesticks passed down to me from my grandmother. Afterwords I sat at a window watching the sunset, thinking of the world as it could and should be, the world that I celebrate and try to live weekly on the sabbath – a world of peace, freedom, equality, justice and sustainability.

But then I heard. In Nabi Saleh, a farming village in the West Bank a Palestinian, Mustafa Tamimi, was shot in the head with a tear gas canister by an Israeli soldier. Even Haaretz reported it. He is 28 years old and today he went out to demonstrate against a 8 metre high concrete wall that is being built by the Israeli state in a massive land grab. Although the propaganda states that this wall is to stop the attacks by Palestinians within 1948 Israel, the true motivations are betrayed by a map of the route which shows the wall’s deviations far into the West Bank meaning that 9.5% of Palestinian land in the West Bank will now be only accessible from Israel. This includes a lot of the farmland, olive groves and wells for water for animals for a farming village like Nabi Saleh.

In response to this illegal plunder of a people under foreign military occupation, demonstrations occur every Friday in many of the villages along the route of the wall. To support the Palestinian protesters, international and Israelis often join these marches, including the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall The response from the IDF (the Israeli Army) is frequently violently repressive.

Tonight Mustafa Tamimi is in critical condition in hospital. In addition Bisan Tamimi daughter of imprisoned Bassem had her arm broken, and Wa’d Tamimi, the 14 years old son of imprisoned Naji, had his leg broken by a rubber bullet.

For me the question is not how can I be Jewish and not zionist, it is how could I be Jewish and support the state of Israel, while it breaks every tenet of Judaism as my grandmother would have understood it.

* ok, the rotation of the earth

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