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Peace, Justice and Freedom Seder

This year I’m hosting another love, justice and freedom seder* on Saturday, 7th April 2012 (2nd night). We’ll be roughly using http://saltyfemme.wordpress.com/haggadah-zine/ but with a more traditional “telling” of the Exodus story and various other bits will also be more orthodox.

The food will be vegetarian with vegan options – please specify if you are vegan so I know how much vegan option to provide. I’m probably not going to be attempting vegan matzo balls but will use boiled potatoes instead.

Open to those of all faiths and none**. Those interested in peace and justice in Palestine/Israel are particularly welcome. No prior knowledge is needed. Leave your intolerance at the door. Oppressive language or behaviour will not be accepted.

Email me – fleabite531@gmail.com – if you’d like to come. My flat is near St George’s Cross, in Glasgow. Candle lighting is at 9:07 and we’ll start soon afterwards.

* A Seder is a very special Jewish festival meal held on the first 2 (outwith Israel) nights of pesach (passover). It involves a lot of ritual and symbolism, and several hours of discussion, before finally eating! The themes are, broadly, slavery, rebellion, oppression, redemption, self and collective improvement and social transformation.

** Belief, or not, in G-d is optional. It will be a spiritual evening, but I had positive feedback last year from atheists, agnostics and those believing in G-d.

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