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First day at the clinic

Today was my first proper day at the clinic here in Sambhavna. I’m helping the nurses. They do a lot with a little! The equipment is functional, if basic and with minimal waste.


That’s our ECG machine! The electrodes are held in place with suction cups for the chest leads and those big clips for the limb leads. Gel is put onto the skin first. It actually takes a good trace!


Yikes manual sphig! I hadn’t taken a manual BP since I was a student! Haven’t tried it on a patient yet but managed to take another volunteer’s bp with *lots* of faff after the clinic was finished so going to try tomorrow.


Sharps bin!


I love this way of letting patients, who are often illiterate, when and how many tablets they should take. This is one pill morning, noon and afternoon, but not at night.


Humidified oxygen.


We do a lot of nebulizers as the gas really hurt people’s lungs. The little bottles are salbutamol which we measure out. The masks are washed between patients. Pretty much everything that doesn’t actually touch blood is washed and reused here.


One of the nurses at the nursing station, and a patient getting iv antibiotics.

We also do a lot of blood sugars here. And injections. But that was less interesting to photo.

All the patients have a little book where everything is recorded and they bring it with them. There is also a book kept at the nursing station. That is in chronological order and logs each patient, their ID and what was done and any readings.

I’m slowly getting up to speed. I did everything but BP’s today. Hopefully soon I’ll genuinely be a help rather than hindrance. The staff here are amazing – the need is so massive and the clinic is very very busy. Still they work hard and well and stay cheery.

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  1. December 14, 2013 at 5:58 am

    First manual BP on a patient today and the permanent nurse here double checked it for me; I got it. :) was actually easier than I remembered from being a student. I had been slightly dreading it but forced myself to do it anyway because its such a necessary skill here.

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