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You did your best, now please take care of yourselves. Post #indyref love and hugs

I’m sad for all my friends who feel so upset and disenchanted and have had their hopes for today dashed. I’m unhappy because Cameron et al get to be super smug and that they once again had it their own way. I’m not sad because of the actual result, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to offer all of you who are sad hugs, affection and that, as you have been saying all along, it didn’t end yesterday, whatever the outcome.

mountain-sunset-wallpaperTake some time out for yourselves to mourn and grieve a lost campaign. Take a break – most of you have been working on this for a couple of years and built up to a feverpitch in the closing weeks and days. Look after each other. Cry. But also go for walks in beautiful places. Share tasty and nutritious food. Listen to music. Have a well earned holiday. Encourage each other to rest and recover. You’re all awesome and I’m looking forward to working with you all again in the coming months and years and decades. There remains a world to win. But that can wait while you look after yourselves as human beings first. You are as deserving of a good life as the millions that your activism aims to help. And by taking care of yourselves you set a good example to all those new activists that have been brought in, about how sustainability is fractal and applies to the individual as well as communities and the world.

You all did your best. I’m not saying that as someone who was involved, but as a spectator, and therefore reasonably objective. This was one fight in the long war. I know it was one you poured your energy and hearts and minds and souls into for the past 2 years, and I know well how it feels to have done that, and lost. But there will be more. Because we have a world to win, whereas the ruling class can only lose. We will keep fighting. We will keep organising and surprising them as well as ourselves with our creativity and passion and energy and determination.

l-Puppy-HugsLet your compassion for others be mirrored in your compassion for yourselves and those you’ve been working with. Bake cakes for each other. Offer your shoulders to cry on, and then mourn together. Its ok. We’re all human beings and acknowledging that we’re hurting is an important part of healing.

You’re all awesome. I know we didn’t fight together this time, but we will again in the future. But just now, take some time out and goddamn rest! The struggle will continue. x

  1. dolphin
    September 19, 2014 at 1:58 pm

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    So…I take it Scotland is still part of the UK. (sigh) So sorry for those of you wanting independence. I believe we have Scottish blood, as well, and I was rooting for you. Don’t give up the fight.

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