Last year / next year

2014 has been pretty good. Trip to India confirmed that travel is still as important to me now as it has always been, and so solidified my plan that I will go away most years for several months. Therefore applied to, worked/paid for, and am now most of the way through a diploma in tropical nursing, which was something I’d been contemplating doing since I started my nurse training. Some amazing people entered my life, one in particular :D

Things that weren’t so great were trying to process where “home” is having spent so much time out of Glasgow. Helped me re-remember how much I love being based in this city, but was slightly disorientating. Also I was quite disconnected from folks, even during the times I was here. Just felt different having slightly uprooted myself from Glasgow, and I wasn’t great at using the 5 months I was here to be with folks. However the time in London gave me opportunity to put time into relationships down there :)

My hopes/resolutions/plans for 2015

  • Volunteer to help with Ebola crisis for 5 weeks.
  • Have a vegan month. And maybe do alternating vegan/non vegan months afterwards. Will be one of the months I’m in Glasgow – should be relatively easy given the venues and friendship circles I have here.
  • Start running again, once weather stops being disgusting. Plus regular yoga practice.
  • Cycle from Lands End to John O Groats.
  • Be a better friend. Put time and energy into the people important to me.
  • Paint my sitting room and have a flat warming! Only taken since I moved into my flat in 2004!
  • Go away again for the winter, probably leaving in November.
  • Write up my masters research for public consumption.
  • Spend more time being, rather than chasing the next adventure.

Have a great year ahead everyone! <3

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