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Sourcing Buckfast in London – head to Stockwell

Bottle of Buckfast

Buckfast in London

If you lived in India and someone was coming over to visit from UK, what would you ask them to bring? Turns out that the Buckfast that we’d sent over from Glasgow with our last visitor from India had gone down a treat! So proud our fair city – home of deep fried everything and strong alcohol with lashings of sugar and caffeine added for bonus effect … So I had to source a bottle of buckie in London as I wasn’t going to be in Glasgow again before I headed to India. I was a bit dubious whether I’d be able to get any as I’d heard dark tales from my friends who’d been unable to find buckie in London Village, but had a brainwave, remembering a wonderful tardis of a supermarket next to Stockwell tube, and indeed they came up with the goods! :)

Jack's supermarket carrier bag

Jack’s supermarket, Stockwell. Have everything you should ever want from a late night convenience store, including Buckfast!

Its called Jack’s supermarket and it sells everything you should ever want from a convenience store including cakes from Jamaica, and the aforementioned tonic wine. Its also surprisingly friendly.

Whilst you’re in Stockwell, visit the Bronze Woman statue which celebrates Black Women – shamefully although it was only made in 2008 according to the placard on it it was the first public statue of a black woman in England. Its on the triangle traffic island opposite Jack’s from the main road. On the island is a strange building that will probably, rightly, draw the curiosity of anyone interested in abandoned tunnels and the like – its an entrance to Stockwell’s deep air raid shelter, now decorated with colourful murals and a clocktower. Sadly its inaccessible these days but if you follow the above link and look at the comments section there’s a great description from somebody who explored the old tunnels roundabout as a youngster in the 60s.

A memorial to Jean Charles De Menezes, shot by police who mistook the Brazilian for an Ethiopian fugitive, is outside Stockwell tube if you want to pay your respects. I just found out that police from the SDS* spied on his family as they campaigned for justice for the killing of their son.


* A police unit within Special Branch, famed for its longterm undercover operatives forming relationships with unsuspecting campaigners as part of their cover, even fathering babies with them on at least two occasions, before vanishing once their deployment was over

  1. February 2, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    Just a small point but… Arab fugutive? The man they supposedly thought they were chasing was Osman Hussain (Hamdi Issac Adus) from Ethiopia, while other suspects in the operation were from Somalia.

    • February 5, 2015 at 10:18 am

      Ok.I just assumed he was of Arabic origin as so much of Northern Africa has a Muslim population that is Arabic. Don’t know if its true for him. Hmmm. Google isn’t providing answers either. Will correct it to say Ethiopian as that part at least is definitely true.

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