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Smashed phone screens, poverty and the luxury of wiggle room

My phone screen is now in smithareens. I’m leaving it faceup as its just about usable until i get a chance to check its all backed up. as soon as i move it the glass is gonna crumble out. Happily for me, this is not a disaster as I have day off tomorrow, and can, just, afford the £100-£130 for the replacement (prob moto g 2nd gen unless anyone has better suggestions for about that price and with 4g, sd card slot, front facing camera, and optimised on camera and gps quality. and something i can put cm on without too much faff).

For how many folks would this be so much more serious? If that were my only internet connection, for example, I couldn’t have researched a replacement. If I was low waged / had commitments such as kids then that could have pushed me over the edge into hunger. If I didn’t have time off tomorrow that extra job would have added to my stress.

I’ve had times in my life where I’ve been so close to the line that relatively minor things can totally fuck me up. That’s one of the problems with poverty, you have no wiggle room. Its like riding a bike on a narrow road and traffic racing past you – one hiccup and you’re pizza. Versus having a luxurious buffer where you hardly notice the pot hole as you have so much space to glide round it.

  1. May 14, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    Sorry to hear about the phone. Mine has been showing signs of an early retirement lately and I’ve been looking into the gen 2 Moto G as well. For the price, the spec is spot on.

    I’ve been in that place as well. Laptop died five or six years ago and I had nothing to go to for ages. Consider myself a citizen of the internet more than anything else, and having no access blows.

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