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Sleeping at Brussels-Midi (Bruxelles-Midi) Train Station #TravelLikeAGirl

Had lots of “Don’t do it!” responses to my request for information about sleeping at Brussels-Midi during an overnight connection off the Eurostar, but only one person who said they’d done it, and they’d obviously survived to tell the tale!

There are daily cheap (59 euros!) trains bookable in advance (eg try https://loco2.com/ ) from London to Berlin. The catch? You arrive into Brussels at 22:38 and your onward train isn’t til 06:25!

IMG_20150812_051005777We went looking for free wifi/toilets and found both across the road at the Hotel Ibis, which has a surprisingly reasonably priced bar, and was open until 1am. We left before it was closed however in order to make sure we were in the station before the last train departed so we wouldn’t get locked out. We found a lot of people already camped out in the main waiting area, so nested in a corner nearby (safety in numbers!). I found some free newspapers to sit on in the paper recycling bin.

At about 2am a security guard came around and (quadlingually!) asked to see our tickets. There were two of us on one ticket, but we’d bumped into someone travelling to same event on the eurostar and so there were three of us – however he gave a very cursory glance at the one ticket and didn’t ask for the third person’s ticket before moving on. Over at the main seats I watched him examine a different person’s ticket for about 30 seconds. The difference? I don’t know about anything else but the latter was black and all in our party are white.

IMG_20150812_051235835I slept curled up around my bags, with passport etc under my clothes. I’m a very light sleeper and don’t move around much in my sleep so this was safe. The security guard was wandering around all night and there were a dozen fellow travellers in the waiting area.

The station reopens just after 4am for the first trains to the airport. And there was noise all night from cleaners, and then the usual train station tannoy announcements once the trains had started, so it wasn’t the best night’s sleep I’ve had.

But it did feel as safe and (un)comfortable as the many nights I’ve spent at international airports. Although there were three of us on this occasion, I’d feel safe doing it alone as a single female due to the numbers of other passengers and that I’m a light sleeper. YMMV.

IMG_20150812_055830946There was also a charger point nearby, pedal powered! I only got about 2% into my phone after 4-5 mins of pedaling, but still a good idea and might be better if there were a few of you, or you were desperate, or you were a bit taller – was a bit awkward reaching the pedals, designed with Germans rather than stumpy Brits in mind!

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