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Train Glasgow -> Manchester. Leaving Glasgow for lejog trip

About to leave from Glasgow CentralOn the road again. On my way. My bike, beloved, is there. I’m really doing this! This trip is really happening! Can’t believe it. Unreal and exciting. How will it be? Will it be wet, cold, miserable, punishing hills, saddle sore? Wet tent, cold sleepless nights? Will we get injured? Robbed?

A month on the road! Oh what a wonderful thing I have brought about for myself. A glorious month of waking up somewhere new. Seeing miles pass by. Flying along country lanes, along rivers, waking up surrounded by nature, feeling progress made under out own steam.

But first a friend’s wedding, then a few days in London, and then the train to Penzance.

Small towns, tea shops, local flavours, the rhythm of the road, morning coffee and home made cakes. Hospitable hostelries at the end of a day in the saddle.

Passing Carlisle now. Always feels significant, in either direction. This time, feel the travelling south to go north. Winding up the miles that we will later unwind. Today 100 miles took just over an hour. In a few weeks this same leg will take a few days. Reminds me of the bus home after doing the West Highland Way, except this time its the other way round.

Bike next to em on the trainI packed whilst I was full of nerves still. I ended up ignoring the packing list that I’d made in a more sensible headspace and don’t have the best stuff. But I worked/saved up for months to afford this trip so I have money in the bank if I upgrade any of my gear along the route. Unlike most of my long distance walking / wild camping trips we will be passing “civilisation” regularly.

What I lack in physical (or mental) prowess, I make up for in bloody minded stubbornness. Several times I’ve walked with feet so sore I was crying, but kept myself going. Barring theft or injury I will complete this trip. And it is both a challenge and a gift that I have made for myself (with a lot of help from my best friend/travelling companion).

I plan on posting a photo and short diary entry most days. Hope they don’t get annoying for folks, and won’t feel in any way offended if you turn off notifications.

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