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Last day in London – cycling the superhighways and final LEJOG packing.

Went for delicious South Indian lunch in Tooting along the CS7 cycle superhighway. Good points: wide, clearly marked and hence mostly clear of the traffic queued up alongside. Bad points: whoever thought coating most of a cycle path in blue paint that turns slick in water was a good idea in Britain?! Buses and lorries were really good to cycle around – very respectful and giving nice wide berths and purposefully avoiding cutting us up. Taxis and smaller delivery vehicles were totally a different, variable, story.

Then some last minute shopping in town. Prob only did 20 miles in total today between lunch and then this afternoon’s shopping, but it also felt like nothing to do, so hopefully this bodes well for not feeling the strain horrifically, although obviously it will be a massive step up from 20 miles lightly laden to full camping gear. And the hills of Cornwall… But also we’re not going for speed and we will have all day. I expect it to be tough, but that I’ll cope. Most worried in case its wet and cold and miserable all the time. If its at least a bit sunny I’ll enjoy the feeling of flying that I get from cycling and even pushing the bike up hill won’t be unbearable.

So here’s the obligatory pre packing photos.

Obligatory pre packing shot
Top row : panniers, bike helmet, waterproof jacket (not very good and failed to upgrade today. Hope to find better one in shop along the way), foldable down day pack.

2nd row : Small things (details below), camping mat (multimat adventure air), tent (force ten helium 200), sleeping bag (force ten nano -5), toiletries (details below), rainbow flag for pannier rack

3rd row : cooking pots, stove (vango), gas cylinder for stove, warm hat, microfibre towel, yellow dry bag for clothes, clothes (details below), pink laundry bag.

Small bits and pieces

Small bits and pieces

Emergency poncho (my equivalent of generation game’s cuddly toy!), USB rechargable torch/power pack, tent pegs, survival blanket, head torch, spare guy rope, knife, emergency whistle, chain wire saw, compass, thermos flask with integrated tea/coffee strainer. bike lock (purely for deterrent whilst inside cafes etc) travel mug, stove, pans, pirate bandana.

Toiletries etc

Toiletries etc

Nitrile gloves and first aid tape. Moisturiser with 15 spf, small bottles half full with colour safe shampoo and conditioner (my hair is currently dyed blue and I want it to stay that way as long as possible!), multi purpose travel soap, foldaway toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, menstrual cup, toilet paper, eye ointment and mirror to apply it with.

USB cable and plug, kindle, 16gb USB stick with both USB and OTG connections, another USB stick, pens, zip lock bag.



(Above is just my tops rolled up)

6 pairs knickers. 3 pairs sporty type socks, 1 pair airline socks (for keeping dry and wearing in sleeping bag only), silk long johns, swimsuit, waterproof trousers (sadly just boil in the bag type), 1 pair long quick dry trousers, 1 pair 3/4 length quick dry shorts, 2 cycle tops, 1 short sleeve quick dry top, light summer dress, long sleeve merino thin top, thermal but thin polo neck top, fleece.

Some other stuff is in Vince’s bags, mostly sporks and bike tools. Got 2 water bottles – one which fits into cage on bike. And little handlebar bag with clear top for phone and room for road snacks.

  1. September 2, 2015 at 1:01 pm

    looks like you are well equipped. keep us updated. xxxx

  2. Glynis
    September 2, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Goodness gracious me, certainly well prepared, hope the grweat outdoors is kind to you. Love you, Your Very Proud
    Mum xxx

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