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Day 2. Penzance to Mawla


Total miles : about 25 (we had a couple of accidental detours)

Penzance to marizion along the sea front was cycle path equivalent of crazy golf – what weird surface are they going to throw at us next? Marizion v pretty. We were v late leaving Penzance due to laziness / still getting hang of pannier packing / needed to get a couple of things from shops. So we didn’t stop in marizion and tide was in anyway so wouldn’t have been able to cross causeway. Looks like something else to bookmark for future, alongside telegraph museum the other side if Penzance.

Missed some turnings so ended up quite a bit of our planned path and had to detour further as Google routed us along some badly kept and even non existent roads. Hilly but I managed to cycle up all but two. First time was steep and long, second was when I was pretty tired from the day and needing to stop for the night.

Most of the cars have been really chilled, patient and polite around us. Traffic not been too bad.

Had freshly baked pasty and local strawberries for a yummy roadside lunch – that was only photo I managed all day, so that’s what you’re getting!

Pretty villages, reasonable roads, though the cycle paths looked terrible so we ended up avoiding them. Lots of hills and I can slowly feel my legs strengthen up to take them.

We camped early because I was either going to need a long rest of just to stop. Saw a field where they were setting up for a fundraising event at the weekend, and asked nicely and the person in charge, who’s running charity events a few times a year let us put our tents up in the field. Tempted to stay on as he is going to bring along some of his bicycle collection tomorrow including a 102 year old ladies bike! Good to have tents up and not having to splash out on campsite fees which apparently have gone up to £10-15 per person! We’ll have to stay at some along the route, but hoping to mostly wild camp.

Going to try to attach cycle computer tomorrow so will have accurate mileage and speed info. Felt more confident going down hills today and so went faster and enjoyed it :)

We had Vince’s solar charger on back of my bike, though after a few hours of bright sun, as soon as we attached it clouds came! Still got 7% charge on my phone from about an hour of grey clouds, which bodes well if we remember to put it on from the morning.

Hoping for an early start tomorrow and more miles :)

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