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Lejog day 4. Victoria to Bude.

At least 42 miles today – cycle computer misbehaving still so still conservative estimates only. And *lots* if climbs, including 30% along the coast on cycle route 3 to Bude.

Started with ride to beginning of camel trail, and 2nd breakfast of first cream tea of the journey :) Camel trail lovely, though nice cycle path does not make up for it coming about due to train lines being closed years before (grrrr Beeching etc). Then lots of climbing up and down but steadily up onto pretty moorland. And the weather turned *mean* – lashed with rain, the only reason I stayed warm was that the headwind meant I had to even peddle whilst going downhill! But pretty. And ponies! And rabbits. And two very large raptors (many miles apart) that were super close until my stealthy cycling disturbed them mere metres away. Stunning. Crossed an old airfield and that was cool too.

By 3pm we were so cold and wet and aware that our tents were still wet from last night we decided to find a hostel and get a shower and dry night. So headed north to Bude. Of course the weather then cleared up and we had lovely afternoon cycling along the coast. Who thought 30% inclinations were good ways to route cyclists? Even a car was wheel spinning up in places. We walked! Even Vince, and he’s been slow but steady up pretty much all the hills til now.

Bude very pretty. Pizza and salad and corn on the cob and poached eggs for dinner. And a long hot *bath* :D

Pleased with coping a very tough 42+ miles today. Legs definitely more sapling than seedling. They’re sore but not dead. Am managing up more hills, even steepies, but still struggling with long climbs that are also steep.








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