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Lejog day 5. Bude to north tawton. Buzzards, a badger and a puncture.

36 miles. Lots and lots of steep ups and downs.

Lovely cycle path leaving Bude. Then, first puncture. Vince closely supervised me fixing it, which is my first time. But as we were getting wheel back on to frame the nut from the skewer slipped from my hand into long grass. Cue 45 mins of increasingly desperate hunting until I finally found it by pulling out handfuls of grass at a time!

Went via Black Torrington which was probably a mistake as super hilly – pushed up and then sat on brakes for the downs. Neither were fun!

Pretty countryside though. Gorgeous postcard villages, old houses with thatched roofs, pretty churches, flowers.

Lots of buzzards close up – didn’t hear the bikes coming so they took off right next to me. Beautiful birds. Vince saw a badger when he was ahead of me. Rabbits. Lots of butterflies.

Off road “shortcut” that ended with us pushing bikes through 10 metres of flooded footpath.

And we are in Devon now! So that’s one county done!

Today was supposed to be a gentle day, but hills had other ideas.

Staying with lovely couple from warmshowers tonight – couch surfing for cycle tourers. They’ve done some cool trips too. And served us fabulous tasty dinner. Very hospitable and nice.

Tomorrow *will* be gentle day. My legs are a bit sore and very tired. Struggling/failing up hills that I would have managed yesterday. They feel really tight, somehow. Don’t know how to describe it. Bit achey. Very quick to tire.

Warm and sunny today. Ate the food cooked yesterday in hostel so today has been cheap – just the bottle of wine for our hosts.









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  1. Glynis
    September 8, 2015 at 7:49 am

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling, and from Aussie Anne, too, who I have just been speaking to
    I am so loving reading your eDiary. Amazed and full of admiration (when am I not!!)
    Love to you both and hope you plan to surf my couch!!
    VPM xxx

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