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Day 7. Some meadow in Devon to some woodland in Somerset

Up late. Lovely place to wake up, which is something I love about wild camping. Vince’s turn for a puncture, before we’d even started – rear wheel. So very late by the time we’d got to tiverton for lunch. Sang out “Hello Forties” as I flew down a hill :D Tiverton disappointing – lots of chain shops. Cute canal side tea shop for a Devonshire cream tea – utterly different from the Cornish variety ;) Then lovely ride along the canal. Ducks. Weeping willows. Horse drawn barge! The latter filled with tourists but still fun to see, though I blushed quite a bit when my “Hello gorgeous” to the horse was responded with by “Hello to you too” from the amused young man leading the horse whom I had barely noticed in my excitement! Then more country lanes. Another super short day of 21 miles as was getting so late so we found some woods to camp in. At some point apparently we crossed the border into Somerset. Lots more beautiful buzzards, two super close. One was enjoying the innards of a dead pigeon in the road and only left reluctantly when I was almost on top of them – the freegans of the bird world? ;)


Vince brought me coffee in tent this morning!!!


“I am the ghost of camper’s past” – Vince drying his tent, or so he claimed.


Watch out for the ducks! Cutest road sign ever?





All 3 above from lunch tea shop by canal, with tea pot collection on the wall.


“Hello gorgeous”


Canal, tow path, tree, bridge. Nothing extraordinary, just a sample of this afternoon’s scenery. Was all really sweet and pleasant.

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  1. Glynis
    September 8, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    Very beautiful. Were you actually riding along the tow path in the sunshine – was cloudy and quite cold all day here! Was Vince dying in his tent after he’d brought you the coffee – hope the 2 things are not related!!
    Love you, happy days xxx

  2. Dorie
    September 8, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Wow, looks lovely! I’m getting a little envious – what am adventure! I’d love to be there with you (…and not only, because I’m missing Vince already a lot)!

    Thanks for the updates, Ms Fleabite, I quite enjoy reading them. :D

    And well done for all the cycling so far!!

    Big hugs! XXX

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