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Lejog day 10. Bristol to Tintern. Severn bridge crossing into Wales.

Yesterday had a rest day in Bristol. Good to see friends there, learned some leg stretches from one who plays roller derby (and we had some nice connection over our shared glee at developing calf muscles), geocaching, hair recolouring (blue was getting v faded) and dog walking. Feeling much much better for it. Today my legs felt stronger and less “tight” than they have since the start.

Leaving Bristol we went along the Avon and then Severn following various ncn routes – we like them as saves time continually checking phones for directions, though they can be more indirect than necessary. Down the Avon was pretty woodland; across the river we could hear the busy road but on our side was just walkers and cyclists. Lovely cafe in Pill at the end of the trail, “the lime tree”.

The cycle paths then got a different sort of wild with burnt out vehicles and litter and weird obstructed gates for a few miles.

Lots of industrial buildings and traffic around Avonmouth and strange diversions on and off main road, but the ncn kept us away from the HGVs.

The Severn bridge looked super intimidating, as if the wind would sweep us off,but actually was great fun to cross and nice wide path with no cross winds!

And then we were in Wales! Steady climb up and then amazing never ending sweeping road taking us ever down to Tintern, where the pretty old abbey is, and we’re camped for the night.

36 miles, so OK but bit short. We left Bristol late and the first 20 miles was slow going, though not strenuously, just lots of off road so I don’t yet have confidence to go faster. Still had really great day :)


The old Severn bridge, from the new one, at low tide.


A second too late! But here’s the welshboy almost back on home soil. Tidy, like!


“What on oats is that travelling through my field?”

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