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Lejog day 11. Tintern to Mortimer’s Cross via Monmouth and Hereford.

52 miles. Slept really well but tent soaking in morning due to rain all night plus dew. Pretty river side meadow on Offa’s Dyke path, which we then had to keep following for a few, tough, miles until rejoining the road. This involved much clambering over muddy obstacles through the woods and lifting bikes at one point when they couldn’t fit through a  kissing gate. Feels good to be getting us, our stuff and our bikes from land’s end to John o’groats by our own force :) Satisfying if tough.

Coffee in Monmouth – apparently a celebrity cafe! Was quite nice but not sure how good a judge of coffee Noel Edmonds or Clarkson are …

Monmouth pretty and seems to have interesting local history on long time contested border between Wales and England. Cool old bridge tower thing, that was initially for town defence (built 1207!!!) and later as toll booth and gaol. Is first “Wikipedia town” which apparently refers to being part of the galleries, libraries and museums Wikipedia project, which is cool and you should look it up if that’s your thing :)

Lots of road kill :( Foxes, rabbits, squirrels and 2 hedgehogs. Please drivers be careful!!! Glad I’m in safer transport – at least I’m only likely to hurt myself.

Passed through back of Hereford on another ex train line converted to v good cycle path. Again, sad about loss of rural trains, though appreciative of decent bike and walking routes away from main roads. An ideal transport system would have affordable, frequent and reliable public transport so people wouldn’t feel compelled to drive, though I totally understand why currently people do rely on cars.

Last 15 miles we went at a good place but was v physically tired. Glad we did over 50 miles as that is what we are going to aim to average from now on :)

Thumbs are really sore. Raised the saddle and handlebars and that feels more comfortable everywhere else, but hands remain as sore as they have been. Apart from that, and tiredness, feeling well physically :)

Used solar charger today which put 30% into phone and then drained more out as didn’t take it off in time after sun was no longer shining! Didn’t realise it would draw power back out :( Phone is in airplane mode except when I’m using it, which I wasn’t at the time.



Lovely spot to wake up, in wye valley.


Slow going but pretty.



“You’re weird looking for a cow”






Weird celebrity coffee shop.


Monmouth bridge thing.



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