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Lejog day 12. Mortimer’s Cross to Newtown via Bishop’s Castle

Slept in actual campsite last night as we kept passing apple orchards (owned by Bullmers) but they were padlocked and after 5-10 miles of failing to find wild camping we saw a campsite that charged a v reasonable £7 per tent which was easier than going down a side road to find woods.

Ate in campsite cafe – pot of coffee and massive fried breakfast. Headed off. My legs weren’t in it today. V stiff as v cold night and my mat has developed a puncture and deflated twice during the night so I ended up sleeping directly on the ground. Brrrr!

Bishop’s Castle very very pretty town. Stopped in 3 tons pub (I had pot of tea, but tried Vince’s ale) which is attached to a small brewery. Good chat with septuagenarian cyclists.

Through Montgomery we took a wrong turn and ended up going down an amazing road with perfect decline and long and straight and I got up to 27.4mph! Most I’ve managed.

Most of rest of way was pretty but overgrown canal path. The branches hitting us as we passed also knocked cycle computer off at some point in the 5 miles or so :( Will get new one as I find it motivational to see miles going past and that our average daily speeds are creeping up – was under 7mph first few days but steadily increasing to about 10 now :)

Vince got another puncture :(

Lots more roadkill :( another badger, what looked like a dead buzzard, a black cat, 3 more hedgehogs and usual rabbits, foxes, rats and squirrels :(

Had amazing hot bath on reaching our home for next two nights – had jets coming from the sides which felt great on my aching stiff legs. Rest day tomorrow.

About 45 miles covered today.


Finally a welcome to Wales sign! Powys boy reaches home turf


Actual campsite! Big horse on field next to us :)


Local paper approvingly reporting on local collections going to refugees in Calais. Accompanied by story of local grandmother who was refugee from Nazis in Poland who said we should treat refugees as humans.


And the other reading material available at breakfast in the cafe!


Pretty canal path.


Telford’s second iron bridge.

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