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lejog day 13 – rest day in Newtown. Some observations and changes of plans

We need somewhere to stay in Lockerbie and around Kendall as well as some places North of Glasgow such as Callander, Kingussie, and then after Inverness. Please email fleabite531@gmail.com if you can help at all. We don’t need anything fancy, just some indoor space for us to unroll our sleeping bags and somewhere secure for the bikes.

  • I like the intimacy with the places we’re passing through that cycle touring offers. Especially as we’re often on National Cycle Network routes which go through housing estates and suburbs of cities and towns. We cycle along otherwise quiet roads, homes on either side, past schools and local amenities and shops. I feel like we’re seeing so much more of the country than we otherwise would.
  • Cycling speed is a nice compromise between walking and something motorised. For instance I can wake up and know that coffee is just 5-10 miles away pretty much anywhere, which is under an hour, as opposed to that being unthinkable if I’m walking! We might even leave the camping stove/pots in Glasgow as we’re hardly using them. This very much contrasts with when I’m walking/wild camping, and putting water on to boil is first thing I do when I get up, as that’s the only way I’ll be getting a hot drink all day. We also rarely cook a meal in the evening, as we pass shops often enough to stock up on local cheese, bread, cakes, fruit etc and so snack every hour or two instead. When camping I’m carrying a stove so I can boil up something I’d otherwise be carrying dehydrated (eg pasta) to save on weight as I’m carrying all my food for the trip all the time.
  • My tent, which is only a couple of years old, but has had a fair amount of use, including both hot sun (UV damages tents) and heavy wind/rain/hail, is now desperately needing reproofing. Instead of water beading on it and running off, its now soaking into the fly sheet and taking forever to dry. So I either need to pack it away wet, leaving myself a horrible cold wet night later, or spend hours trying to dry it in the morning meaning we set off late and have a more hurried and harried day. Will reproof it in Glasgow and have been looking (pretty successfully) for places to stay inside until we get there.
  • My inflatable mat now has a micro puncture. Spent ages hunting for it in a bath, but no bubbles visable. Its a super slow leak though, taking couple hours to lose about a quarter of its air, so not surprising it was so hard to find. I’ve been cold at night, and so looking at a more expensive, slightly heavier, but more insulated version. Will get it sent to Glasgow and hopefully won’t need one before, otherwise I’ll have another disturbed night of waking every few hours and needing to blow it back up. Might get a cheap foam rollmat if we pass a camping store so I’m not totally stuck if it comes to it.
  • Been coveting a road bike for day trips once this one is over. Want to fly, fast and light, through the countryside. Kinda caught the cycling bug!
  • Cycle computer got knocked off somewhere along the canal. Planning on getting a new one as was helpful and motivational to see mileage, top speed (so far 27.4 mph!!!) and average speed. I liked our mini celebrations every ten miles.
  • Total miles since Land’s End:
    • Day 1 – 10
    • Day 2 – 25
    • Day 3 – 32
    • Day 4 – 42
    • Day 5 – 36
    • Day 6 – 21
    • Day 7 – 21
    • Day 8 – 76
    • Day 9 – rest day
    • Day 10 – 36
    • Day 11 – 52
    • Day 12 – 45
    • Day 13 – rest day
  • TOTAL – 396!!!
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  1. Helen
    September 15, 2015 at 10:38 pm

    I would always pack the tent wet in the morning and get shifting. But make it number one priority to dry it during the day. That’s why I never go in cafes – I’m always drying my tent and laundry while I picnic outside!

    • September 16, 2015 at 2:49 pm

      We don’t tend to stop long for lunch, more just taking a couple of short breaks instead. And the inner gets wet if I pack it with wet fly sheet.

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