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Lejog day 15. Wrexham to Skelmersdale

About 50 miles.

Had lovely night with old friends in Wrexham. Then got about 10 metres this morning and … another puncture. Yet again, the culprit was a big thorn. We should be leaving these behind now as we’ve left Wales. Luckily we’d not gone very far so my friend made us tea which improved the puncture repairing lots. Then we tried to find a bike shop, which turned out to be closed, and got lost somewhere else. By this time I was fighting off a serious case of the grumps, so took emergency action and stopped in a cafe for an early lunch and double espresso. Wrexham seems to be really friendly with lots of random interactions with strangers. Felt better.

Roads went through nice countryside.

Cool old bridge just inside the border, and then we crossed into England! Wales was very pretty, friendly and enjoyed seeing the dual language signs up everywhere, but it feels like progress to have left it behind. Now “just” North England and the whole of Scotland to go!

Stopped off in Frodsham to get tyres properly pumped up in cycle shop, and picked up new pump, cycle computer and mirror. And had yummy cakes and tea.

Runcorn had worst cycle paths we’ve been on, frequently completely obstructed and requiring us to reroute to get around motorways and shopping centres to get back on them, as alternatives were hard shoulder of motorway!!

Awesome iron suspension bridge over the Mersey. Really beautiful construction and shape and amazing views from it. Other side bumped into another recumbent, this time a trike :)

Crazy scenic villages with fancy houses that Vince thinks are probably full of footballers.

Lots of industrial estates and domestic roads with houses, shops, schools etc. As before I enjoyed how intimately with the surroundings and people’s home environments when you travel by bike. I feel like we’re not always in fancy or scenic or touristy places, but we’re getting an accurate sense of the length of UK.


Cup of tea makes everything better, including puncture repairs!


Veggie breakfast to cheer myself up.


Cool old bridge just inside welsh border. ?fortified


Progress!!! Can hardly believe we’ve made it this far :D


Two recumbents


Terrible shot of a lovely bridge.

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