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Lejog day 17. When you’re bored of seaside and sunsets you’re bored of life. Chill out day in Morecambe

Morecambe is v pretty, if melancholic. Amazing fish and chips from Atkinsons. Pottered along the prom. Enjoyed the views over the bay to the hills the other side and felt happy to see a wind farm offshore.

Spent hours on my least favourite activity – shopping. All online. Endlessly researching and making choices. But have decided on mat (exped synmat ul 7 small for £67 including recorded first class post, in case you’re interested), found cheapest place to get tent reproofer and got waterproof sealskin gloves for a tenner so was successful if draining couple hours! At least being in a beautiful location for that helped; when I looked up for inspiration, the sea and mountains were there, reminding me why I travel.

For sunset we found a small artificial promontory and watched the golds and pinks and oranges and blues and greys and reds constantly dancing and playing and changing over half an hour. I felt connections to so many other occasions where I’ve made sure to plan the space and time to appreciate the sunset. Watching the earth turn away from our star, our nourishment, and feeling us journey in space and time. Slight regret that I didn’t light shabbos candles tonight – I used to when travelling, even if they were just tea lights or even birthday cake candles one time! I shouldn’t let something that means so much to me, and is so good for me, slip out of shyness and feeling sheepish for doing something weird and that most people don’t understand.

But sunset was beautiful, and Morecambe is wrongly overlooked. And our couchsurfing host is very lovely and hospitable.


Super curly hair! :D Fish and chips at the seaside :)


And what a lovely seaside it is :)


Sunset from Morecambe

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