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Lejog day 19. Askham to Lockerbie. WE MADE IT TO SCOTLAND!!!

Excuse the excitement, but felt amazing to make it this far. Getting to the Scottish border always feels significant to me, however I’m travelling, but on this trip even more so.

About 50-55 miles.

Day started well. Cycled to Penrith for coffee and cake for 2nd breakfast. Was a triathlon on (we found out later) so fun to see signs along out route saying “cyclists on the road” “give cyclists priority” finally acknowledging our right of way ;)

Saw lots of “tour of britain” bikes painted yellow and decorated from the week before.

Straight through Carlisle, bit confused by the “cycle paths” but some local cyclists led us through.

Scottish border!!!! River Sark marked the border where we were. And there were some more lejoggers! The first we’ve seen on this trip :) We all cheered and whooped as we went over the bridge and took photos of each other.

Then coffee in Gretna and onward. Pretty good cycle paths – 7/74 all the way which mostly is along the B7076 which is the old main road up to Glasgow before the motorway was built. There’s a white paint demarcated cycle lane in each direction, with the cycle lane mostly good quality, although in parts unrideable, rough, worn away etc. Traffic was almost all on the motorway apart from local stuff so felt safe, though this was afternoon/early evening on a Sunday.

Finally felt confident and competent to extract nommies directly from my frame bag that sits just behind my handlebars. :) So now it’s loaded up with treats. And then went for the water bottle and finally drank whilst still cycling as well! Much easier to now munch and glug on the way without the time and energy loss of stopping and restarting. Now just to figure how to drink tea on the move without it getting cold in a plastic squirty bottle.

Tasty chana poori in Lockerbie, really good deal at £3 for a good portion and super delicious poori. Everything tastes better after a long day cycling!


That’ll be crow miles, not bike miles!




Other lejoggers, travelling 70-80 miles a day but not camping. They’re from Honduras so were pretty surprised to see how little we were wearing.


Given he took this photo whilst he was still cycling, not a bad shot recording me finally being able to drink whilst cycling.


For some reason lots of sheep sculptures in Lockerbie…

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