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Setting off again – about to resume LEJOG after Glasgow pause.

Setting off again from Glasgow in the morning. We had to stop here a few days to do tent repairs and other bits and pieces and then I took advantage of local public holiday to work couple of shifts to top up bank balance in case weather is so terrible once we get truly north that we can’t camp.

Am both really looking forward to getting back on the road, and very nervous. Its a shame we had to delay, as weather mostly been super nice past few days. Hopefully will hold on for another 8!

We have our train tickets booked back from Thurso for next Wednesday. And 3 places to stay along the route, so should make good time.

Its likely to be colder, wetter and sun will be setting earlier than we’ve had so far. We’re going to be passing through some remote and wild parts of the country. I’m mostly scared its going to be cold, wet and miserable! But very determined to do my best to get to John O’Groats.

Tested out my new mat and it fits me perfectly, stayed inflated and felt warm. I got a lot of merino between an oniine sale, go outdoors for socks and Aldi’s winter cycling event. I also picked up a pair of waterproof socks. Have fleecey cycling tights which i plan on wearing most days with my 3/4 length shorts over for a bit more warmth. 2 pairs of merino longjohns, mostly for pyjamas (I feel the cold, especially at night) but can also wear under other trousers/waterproofs if we have super cold days. 1 merino t shirt, 1 merino long sleeve high neck, 1 long sleeve thinner merino, and 1 fleece. If necessary I will wear all these at night, but I think I’ll mostly just use them to build up flexible layers as needed. None of them are super thick, but all are nice. I decided to splurge, though I got good prices, as these will all be useful for general walking/camping anyway, and winter is coming and Glasgow/my flat is cooooold.

Fancy new winter gloves were ordered too late to get delivered to Glasgow, so I’ll get those where we’re staying Wednesday night. They’re a bargain too, for £20 as they’re a 2011 model, apparently. And again, will be good for not just this trip but general winter wear, and then walking too.

Assuming I stop loving cycling. Been cycling around Glasgow lots past few days. Now I have my road confidence up, and fitness, its just wicked fun. Such a nice way to get about. In which case I’ll want to keep cycling through the winter so I’m ready for adventures as soon as spring arrives. Quite fancy some 3-5 day camping/cycling trips exploring islands. And now I know I can get to Thurso for £15 each way on the train if I book in advance, I can finally see an Orkney trip, and maybe even Shetland coming up :):)

But this mammoth trip to finish first. Its definitely feeling daunting. I might be all “we’ve done most of it already” but even though it took us 3 weeks we only did 750 miles and that felt like a struggle. We still have 350 miles to go! So doesn’t seem that easy when I look at it that way. Which we did from Newtown to Glasgow in 8 days, including a rest day in Morecambe (so 7 cycling days) but still…

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