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Lejog day 23. Before Callander to pitlochry

69 miles. V tired as I write this.

Lovely spot to wake up. 9 miles to Callander for breakfast, through stunning forest and along lochs.

Stopped at first cafe in Callander which turned out to be very nice community enterprise thingy with good coffee and a veggie breakfast and big garden out back with picnic tables onto which we opened our tents to dry the dew off. Great view of mountains.

Continued following route 7 most of the day. Very pretty and well sign posted. Ex railway track a lot of time and super pretty scenery, lots of native woodland and rivers and mountains. However loose gravelly surface most of time so decided to do the big climb up from lochearnhead on the main road. We took it slow and steady and made it to the top without trouble :) So much progress since I began! Then we rejoined 7 for the descent to killin, which again was ridiculously beautiful forest. The sun was shining and was almost too hot. Gorgeous day. Falls of Dochart so so so pretty, and I remembered being there once before and visiting spooky island which had weird malignant feel (I have very over active imagination!) and had been burial ground for clan chiefs.

All this was slow going though, and the 7 took us along the road south of the Tay, which looked on the map to just stay next to the water, but actually went up and down and up again. More slow going, so very tired and very late and still not even halfway to pitlochry where we were to be staying with friends.

We put more clothes on –  started today wearing merino longjohns, fleeced cycle tights, long shorts, merino long sleeve top, fleece, a jacket and a wooly hat under my helmet. After breakfast was down to shorts and short sleeve top. This evening re robed. Put lights and high vis on and carried on. Was tired but legs were in robot mode. Got to darkness where could only see few metres in front so were going more slowly. Could see where lane was, and look out for potholes, but not much else, so was cycling by feel – if it felt harder I changed gears down, and then back up or used brakes when going was flat/downhill but couldn’t see at all how far this would go on for or in what way it would change.

Finally into pitlochry. Another memorable day. 2nd longest in distance, but tougher than the furthest due to at 2500 foot of climb since Callander and a fair bit before that too. Rough surfaces. But also memorable for beautiful scenery, always changing and reminding me how much beauty there is so close to my adopted home in Glasgow. So much to explore next spring and summer! And lovely warm sunny day to have done it in.


Morning mist and dew slowly lifting as sun rose.




Breakfast cafe.


Back down the glen towards lochearnhead after we’d climbed up.


Lochan at the pass.


Probably most photod sign in Perthshire, but I couldn’t resist :)

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