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Lejog day 24. Pitlochry to Kingussie over Drumochter Summit

48 miles.

NCN 7 practically door to door. Another bright sunny day, though really cold to start with.

Stopped for 2nd breakfast / early lunch in Blair Atholl as this was last place before the big climb of the day as we knew there wouldn’t be another opportunity to get anything for 20+ miles.

The 7 route is excellent. Really well sign posted. Mixture of ex road – the old A9 – quiet/ish roads, and purpose built tracks made by sustrans. Long long climb up, and we took a couple of breaks, but was nothing on Shap, and was long but not too steep. Scenery was stunning as ever. River next to us. Tons of new growth of native trees looking like they were self seeding now they were protected from deer in massive areas.

3rd breakfast / 2nd lunch was cheese rolls sitting on a stone bridge watching river rushing down underneath us.

Great feeling getting to the top and singing “the only was is down” and getting weird looks from motorists as I fist pumped and hooted.

Descent was quite gentle. Stopped at dalwhinnie distillery as 7 goes right past it and seemed rude not to ;)

Vince saw his first red squirrel.

Chain came off front cog just before our final destination but easy back on. Another warm showers host tonight.




Decoration on the route.


Ski bench! Also made as sustrans


River with regenerating trees.




Typical stretch of the route.


Ex road now cycle route with trees.


Taking photos of each other at the summit.


Our final county! And like our first, will be a few days to cross.


We did it!


Dalwhinnie distillery


Go on, you’ve earned it :)


Random cycle route obstacles, just in case we were getting too relaxed.

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  1. Keith
    February 2, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Glad you enjoyed the bench & totem pole at Drumochter. I had fun making them, Keith from Perth.

    • February 2, 2016 at 8:10 pm

      we loved them! were so cool to randomly stumble across them, thanks for making them :D

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