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Lejog day 28. Tongue to Reay

30 miles

After yesterday’s blissful day of 69 easy miles, today we fought a strong headwind and only just managed 30!

Lots of up and down, and really felt it because of the winds which just got stronger as the day went on.

Up on the high moors the landscape was bleak and the wind was fierce. Would have been gorgeous on a less wild day but was still beautiful, just harder to appreciate. Then down the hill into the river valleys and bays where it was lush and green and pretty, tiny, villages and farms.

At one point the wind was behind us and I got to free wheel up hill! But mostly it was either head on or gusting across us and blowing the bikes all over, which was hard work and scary.

Kept trying to find somewhere we could stop and get a coffee and 2nd breakfast (only had a piece of pita and cheese as that was all we had left) but we passed a cafe and couple of pubs and they were all closed. The weather was definitely now too wild for camping, and we were very glad we’d done so much distance yesterday. However when we finally got phone signal and tried to book into the hostel in Thurso, they were full tonight, though had space tomorrow, which we booked in for. Internet was very erratic and it was v cold as soon as we took a break from cycling, so was hard finding other budget accommodation, and all the ones we found and phoned were also full tonight.

Had to push up some of the hills and when the wind was gusting particularly strongly across the road. But mostly pedaled.

Finally posted on facebook to see if anyone had time to look online for us for somewhere to stay. Then at last came to a pub that was open! Had hot chocolate and veggie burger and chips and got on the WiFi (and out of the wind) and a friend had friends in Reay that we could stay at! Stayed in the pub a bit longer so we could time arriving there to when they’d be home.

Wind was properly blowing by then. But only had 6 miles to go. Just kept pedalling against the wind and made it.

Tomorrow John O’Groats!!! Can’t believe we’re almost there. Going to be a tough day as due to rain and be windy, but its just 10 miles into Thurso, drop our panniers at the hostel and the 45 mile roundtrip to the tip and back to Thurso.

It’s been a long hard slog to get this far but we’ve almost made it. Feels pretty intense.


Am not looking impressed!






Sign in Reay

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