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Lejog day LAST WE MADE IT!!!


Wow. Epic way to end. 52 miles through wild winds and lashing rain. Felt like we would never get there, and then suddenly we did.

Woke in Reay, and forecast for today was exceedingly sub par :


Yes, that’s 40mph headwinds!

Full merino and waterproofs today – we’ve carried the latter this whole way without needing them, but then I’ve not needed to use the cpr mask or survival blanket either and am quite happy about that…

Into Thurso, and left our panniers at the hostel we’re in tonight, minus a small one of Vince’s with food and bike tools.

Folks in the hostel kept saying about how they didn’t fancy going out in that weather, and why were we going – as if we’re going to come all the way here and then give up! Train is booked for home tomorrow afternoon so it really needed to be today. Had a fish supper for lunch, and set off.

Took me at least half an hour to stop grinning, even in the face of headwinds and stinging rain and uphill climbs, to be at this final stage! Was singing aloud to myself and must have been a strange sight for the oncoming motorists.

But then it just became a battle. I mostly stayed OK, and occasionally happy again, but it was hard hard going with the wind either full frontal or trying to throw me off the road.

We knew it was about 20 miles, but as that got closer, and we saw settlements up ahead, each time turning out to be not John O’Groats, and so so tired and knowing we still had the ride back to Thurso after we’d got there, I started to feel this was never going to end. Forever cycling against the weather, battling on. There weren’t even any signposts telling us jog was ahead,let alone how far it was. Could feel water in my shoes as well as everywhere else, and putting my waterproof winter gloves on was too tough now everything was wet to risk taking them off to check phone to see how far we still had to go.

And then finally, suddenly we were there. We’d planned on going to the lighthouse 2 miles further on, which is the actual point, but immediately and unanimously decided that wasn’t going to happen. So down to the signpost which Vince gave a massive hug to. Lots of whooping and “hello Forties” on the final stretch when we could see it ahead. Then photos (handily couple of other cyclists who’d finished lejog a bit earlier were passing and took our pics. They’d done it all on mountain bikes “across country”) and coffee and cake (kitchen in cafe was closed so we couldn’t even eat properly!). Neither of us even fancied the whisky miniatures we’d picked up in the distilleries along the way!

Mostly had the wind behind us for the dash back to Thurso, as it got darker and rain still lashing down.

It’s still not really sunk in. Today was too intense to properly process what we’ve achieved. I just feel tired physically, mentally and emotionally. On auto pilot. Had a shower and burnt pizza. Written blog. Can almost allow myself to stop pushing onwards. I guess once I relax I’ll start to realise what we’ve done and start my inane grinning again, but just now I’m gonna flop and have some beer and curl up with my kindle and sleep with no need to do much of anything tomorrow until our late afternoon train home.

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  1. October 6, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Holy crap what an epic ride. Well done!

  2. Jackie
    October 7, 2015 at 11:09 am

    Hi we met you outside the coffee shop in Monmouth, we were the couple with the lurcher dog. We’ve followed your blog everyday and loved it and all the photo’s, we’re going to miss the nightly updates but CONGRATULTIONS, you made it.

    Jackie and Spike

    • October 10, 2015 at 9:53 pm

      Oh wow! Yes we totally remember you :) Glad you’re enjoyed reading :) Still not really processed what we’ve achieved!

  3. October 22, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Glad to know you and Vince made it all the way to John O Groats after I left you with a puncture in Kendall! I’ve now chalked up 2100 miles around the UK… LOADS miles to go! Scotland next summer.

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