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Living in Glasgow, the good and the frigging miserable

5 day weather forecast for Glasgow, showing solid rain.

Forecast for today. Maybe we’ll get the daystar peaking though on Thursday! Ikr, spoiled we are!

So, my rent is £175 a month to live 15 mins walk from the city centre, on good transport links, with an amazing view and good local amenities. This allows me to have the lifestyle I enjoy. I get to walk to most places I want to go in everyday life, which I like, or jump on convenient public transport. I can even walk to the coach and mainline train stations, which I really appreciate either end of longer traveling. I have a stable stable – I’ve lived in the same flat since 2004 which is kind of mindblowing compared to the horrible insecurity and disruption most of my friends have, who seem to have to move every 6 months to 2 years. Its a friendly city, very human and affectionate. Its not pretentious. I’m a few minutes away from a canal and a river, both of which are good to walk along. And I’m 30 minutes by reasonable public transport to the beginnings of the countryside proper, and it just gets better with a bit more time. The music scene is great. And I have a good network of friends and communities.

So that’s all the positives. But then there’s this greyness. And its getting to me already, at the start of November. And its just going to keep on, and get even worse for months ahead. :( I’m trying to focus on the positives. There’s stuff I can do on the dark days such as my online course (I’m learning electronics by building a robot!) and working doesn’t seem so bad when its not sunny out. I can wear cosy clothes and cook and watch sci fi and read and restart various yarn based hobbies and i could go to the gym. There’s plenty I could do, folks I could hang out with, that really don’t rely on nice weather.

But it is still getting to me. I might try one of those sad lamps, but I don’t think its just the lack of bright light. I think its also that I enjoy being outside so much, and activities that are positive for my mental health, like walking, being in beautiful nature or camping are borderline unpleasant in the rain. I love the feeling of the sun and fresh air on my skin. Its dark so early now, and that just makes me shut down and low energy. Today its been raining and cloudy the whole time, and I popped out to do some errands but there was no enjoyment at all, even though I like my local area and normally feel quite content the times I am here.

I’m going away in February, so at least I’ve got that to look forward to. And once winter proper starts, it should be less grey and rainy. Just need to readjust after such an outdoorsy few months.

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  1. LoraineClive Jones
    November 9, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Cheer up Alice. It could be worse! Blizzards

  2. Dori
    November 9, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    I hear you, Alice!

    And send you a big hug from the stormy south coast. Even here in supposedly sunny Brighton it has gotten pretty gloomy lately.

    You’re right, it’s probably not just the light, but I do think, these lamps help! I borrowed one from a colleague at work – it’s blue light and it makes you look like a smurf when you use it – and I really think it has an effect on me. Feeling more awake during the day and tired but not as shattered in the evenings.

    And Vince told me, he read something about adjusting being back in you “normal” life after being on tour for a while. It’s definitely difficult, give yourself some time.
    Hell, I always get the blues coming back from 1-2 weeks holiday somewhere nice. You’ve been away over a month!! No wonder this is hard.

    Good thing reflecting on the bright sides and positive stuff in you live you are grateful for! Always helps, I find. Putting things in perspective.

    Anyway, take care, lovely and be good to yourself.

    Dori xoxo

  3. Paul O'Hanlon
    November 12, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    Keep well, Alice. I’m sure things will work out for you, you seem realistic in your outlook. The short winter days are depressing for all. Think how the people trapped in Gaza would love to be able to live in Brighton or Glasgow and go about their daily business without the fear of being bombed or shot.

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