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brexit – yeah i’m still processing the dent in hope.

After finishing work at the new Southern General hospital in Glasgow I heard, felt and then saw as an air ambulance landed on the roof. I watched open mouthed, eyes becoming wet, at the huge amount of technology, financial cost, personnel, planning, coordination that had gone into transporting a single human being to world class medical care. So beautiful and inspiring and hope-inducing that we as a society, whilst screwed in so many other ways, at least have done this. At least have decided to have a system, free at the point of need, within which this can happen. Yes, this is exactly what massive social resources should go into. Not weapons of war or oppression or separation but into giving treatment to a human when they need it most. (and yes its screwed that that is not open to everyone, but hope and inspiration is about looking for the positives and foregrounding and learning from and expanding from them)

Beauty and hope, I’ve witnessed it again and again from the hospitality of Palestinians in Rafah, Gaza, to the outbursting of community and creativity and caring of collectivised spaces such as when we occupied the free hetherington, to the discovery of gravitational waves, to incredible online collective work put into collaboration projects such as wikipedia or free software, to walking through public parks and seeing how beautiful we can make parts of the planet when we try.

And then there’s brexit. And the way I feel is the opposite of when I think about these other things. Instead of feeling like the world might be mightily shitty, with climate change and war and inequality, but maybe humans are pretty awesome and we can maybe pull through being as we have both smarts and hearts. Instead of that I’m like, fuck. We’re screwed.

Its taken me 10 days to even start to write anything. It was this crazy bombshell that I didn’t really expect to hit. To process. But then the contrast with the air ambulance struck me. And I’d been wanting to record about the wonderment of that at some point.

The place I live has just become worse. Outright racism and the empowerment of racists has increased. Friends’ lives, and those of their loved ones, has become uncertain either as EU citizens in UK or the other way round. The economy has reduced and it is always the poorest who suffer most when that happens. Northern Ireland faces fear and uncertainty. The farmers want to go back to killing beesTheresa May is our best hope for next PM????

I’m trying to foreground that memory of the air ambulance again. Trying to remember and focus on all the positives that humans can do. Surely we can get through this too? And create a world where we can live meaningful, fulfilling, fun, connected, unique existences supported not held back by the political and economic realms?

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  1. swaldman3
    July 4, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    I remember a time on a cruise ship when somebody needed a hospital after leaving Australia for Japan – a 7 day trip.

    We increased the ship’s speed for about a day (that’s expensive). We called for a couple of hours at a tiny island off New Britain (that’s a place – google it), and he was taken ashore by tender, in the middle of the night, in a bay next to an active volcano. I remember standing on deck at 2am watching the glowing smoke coming out of the crater. He was loaded aboard a helicopter to be taken to an airfield, from where he was put in a little plane to a bigger airport in Papua New Guinea, and eventually into a big plane to fly to Australia.

    I remember thinking “wow, that’s what insurance is for”.

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