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EU 2nd referendum petition data / graph of signatures by date

Edited to add : More data and better analysis http://rpubs.com/jefferis/192311 gonna import their data into mine just for the hell of it/practice. 

So I just decided to start tracking how the signatures were increasing over time on that 2nd referendum petition. Annoyingly I only decided to do that on the Sunday after the result, which was after there was already 2 million signatures. I started looking at the petition and noticing how fast it was growing on the Saturday morning and I wish I’d started tracking it properly from then, but nevermind.

The petition is not ever going to come to anything – the govt has already responded to reject the idea of a 2nd referendum at this time. And there’s the whole irony/amusement that it was a pregruntled (gruntled too soon) brexiter who set it up in the first place as he didn’t think the vote would go his way.

Then I noticed all this querying about whether the sigs were automated because folks were claiming that they were flowing in at thousands a night and was looking for a new python learning exercise anyway so graphed the sigs to see what the pattern was :



(Apologies that its not so pretty. I don’t tend to get so motivated about that side of things)

Anyway, this pretty clearly shows that signature increase rate pretty much follows what you’d expect a pattern of those awake in UK to be.

Such as it is, the code and data that I have til now are in https://github.com/fleabite531/eu_petition_2nd_referendum and if anyone wants to play around, go for it. Although now the petition has been rejected anyway, and we’re all trying to deal with this brexit world, I doubt anyone is interested anyway. But I didn’t see notice of anyone else tracking the petition data so here it is in case anyone wants to do anything with it in future. If there is a store of it from before I started tracking I’d be interested to pull that in, so comment/PM me.


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