Scotland 2019 bucket list

I’m leaving Glasgow sometime around October 2019! This page I’m expecting to keep adding to as I make plans, and hopefully have links to blog posts when I’ve done the thing :)

Before then I want to see and do:

Castles etc (I have taken out a year’s Historic Scotland membership)

  • Stirling Castle
  • Edinburgh Castle


  • Attempt to do WHW in 4 days (or maybe 3???) This will be an endurance adventure, rather than something I’m doing for pleasure. Planning to do it during long daylight months, and give myself 14+ hours a day of hiking, with couple hours total of short breaks (I do well with taking multiple 10-15 min rests whenever I need them, rather than taking longer breaks, but less often) and short sleep with alarm set for soon after dawn. Just take bivi bag rather than tent. I’m not a fast walker (5 foot 1 doesn’t leave much space for long legs to stride!); I know that for some people 4 days doesn’t sound like a challenge, and maybe after I’ve started training for it, I’ll decide on 3 days, which is what I’d really like to do, but if I start thinking “3 days” I’ll feel a failure if I do it in 4, whereas I’d like 4 to be the goal, and 3 to feel extra good.
  • Cairngorms through hike (I have couple of routes in mind).
  • Glen Affric through hike.
  • Maybe maybe maybe a cape wrath trail. But that can also wait for a trip up to Scotland after I’ve moved out of Glasgow, eg next year. Longer trips are less reliant on me living in Glasgow.
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