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The coalition is chipping away at our relationship with the NHS

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment

An article in the Guardian today describes how cuts to the NHS budget are pushing some patients to go private for operations. I think this is the government playing an intelligent long game in their goal of reducing the redistributive function of a social democratic state, in much the same way as when they were moving child allowance from being a universal benefit.

When all socio-economic classes benefit from the public sector, this gives political protection to state provision.*  This meant that even Margaret Thatcher could not dismantle the NHS. However when more and more of the middle classes are not receiving child allowance, or using private healthcare, there is less attachment and association with these social democratic functions, and a neoliberal government can attack them without the same fear of political repercussions.

* I’m an anarchist and want to do away with the state, however whilst we are still forced to live under an unequal, capitalist regime, reforms that soften its harshness should be defended.


On the agreement to close the Free Hetherington

August 15, 2011 Leave a comment

FreeHetherington voted to accept management’s offer to us
1. No more course cuts.
2. No compulsory redundancies.
3. A new postgraduate club, to be opened in the next year.
4. No cuts for student services, a guarantee of transparency with the SRC (Student Representative Council).
5. A public meeting with the principal Anton Muscatelli, where students and staff may address their worries.
6. No repercussions from the University for staff or students involved in the occupation.
7. An assurance that no information will be volunteered to the police about people involved.
My thoughts :
While what we have achieved here is fantastic, and while we have shown what direct action can achieve by forcing senior management to concede to negotiate with us, the communities in Dumfries and Galloway are still facing losing their only higher education humanities facility. The Crichton Campus liberal arts degree consultation was a sham and I am sad that we didn’t manage to at least open an inquiry into the illegitimacy of the process and the decision it resulted in. However without the entire anticuts movement at Glasgow Uni, which we at the Free Hetherington are but a part, more would have been cut by a destructive minority within the university intent on wrecking democracy and accessibility in academia.

Arrested anticuts activists charges dropped

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Today 9 anticuts activists in Glasgow who were arrested over the last month for political demonstrations have had the charges dropped against them.  Arresting and charging protesters is designed to waste our time, cause us stress and intimidate us from fighting for a fairer world. Read more…

Celebrating victories

April 14, 2011 2 comments

Waving from the senate balconyI think this is an important post to make.  And I’m going to try and make it without sliding into depressing caveats about how small the victories are compared to the size of the problem.  Because yes, in the UK we are facing a huge assault on public services and the welfare state.  And yes, the cuts at Glasgow Uni are just a tiny microcosm of right-wing pro capitalist ideology that is still further funnelling resources towards the privileged.  But a cake is made of individual crumbs.  A forest is made from the growth of thousands of trees.  A sustainable, just, peaceful, free world is made from millions of incidences of individuals, communities, workplaces coming together and reclaiming power over themselves.

In the past few weeks at Glasgow University anticuts activists have started to make headway against a seemingly all powerful Senior Management who are determined to push our institution further away from learning and into making profit for private individuals and companies.

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Day 4 of the Free Hetherington

February 5, 2011 1 comment

So we’ve been occupying the former postgrad club at Glasgow University since Tuesday.  I just want to record how I’m feeling now about it, mostly for my own future reference!  For more details on the occupation try

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